4 Best WordPress Backup Plugins for your Website

Backup is always important for every website. Especially when your site hacked by someone or you accidentally lock yourself out, or when all data are erased.

Most of the WordPress users don’t make the backup of their website and they regret later when all are erased. The backup plugin helps you to save your website data in a reliable place.

Many WordPress backup plugins are available but very few of them allow for a complete backup. Full backup means backup of database and WP-Content folder. Choosing the right plugin is very difficult. Let’s check the top backup plugins.

Best WordPress Backup Plugins

Best WordPress Backup Plugins
4 Best WordPress Backup Plugins


Jetpack is a very famous and old plugin that gives many features like sitemap, social sharing, analytics, optimization, and the most important backup feature. It is available in both free and premium.

Jetpack Plugin

But the jetpack free version doesn’t give your special features like a backup option. It completely restores your blogs from a backup and also helps in website migration.

It is powered by Automattic which is behind WordPress. If you need a backup of multiple blog then I would recommend using another plugin because it is costly.

Updraft Plus

It is also the most popular WordPress backup plugin. Updraft plus gives all features which you would need to backup your WordPress. It is available in both free and premium. In premium, you get free 1gb of space for the updraft plus vault.

Updraft plus plugin

You can also cloning and migrate your website easily. If you have multiple websites then you should choose updraft plus. It supports scheduled backups and also on-demand backup.

It Uploads your backups automatically to Dropbox, S3, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, Email. Updraft has 2 million active installs and 4.9 ratings.


ManageWP gives protection, backup option, and many other important features. It do not take the whole site backup every time, it takes backup of only those files which have changed. You don’t take worry about dealing with configuration.

Manage WP Plugin

With a Button, you can on or off backups. You can take backups in google drive, dropbox, amazon S3, ManageWP cloud infrastructure. It is the best plugin for multiple WordPress sites.


Duplicator is famous for Website migration but also it has the feature of Backup. But it doesn’t take automatic backup of your website. It is a free Plugin.

Duplicator Plugin

These are the top 4 backup plugins. Many plugins are available but I don’t want to confuse you with others. I hope you pick the right plugin. I would like to hear your opinion about your best plugin in the comment section below.

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