Use this Top 3 Image Compress Plugins

Images are one of the important factors of every website. It can help your site to improve its user interface. Most audiences attract on your post by images. But Images can increase your page loading time, which is not good for SEO. You should use low size images on your website to decrease your pagespeed. Pagespeed is also a ranking factor. (Increase website Speed)

If any reason you can’t compress your image size more, then you can use image compression tools or plugins. Plugins are better options rather than web tools. You can use anyone plugin for compress images. These are the top 3 plugins for image compression. You should These are the top 3 plugins for image compression.

Top 3 Image Compress Plugins


Shortpixel is the best image compress plugin which is specially used by WordPress users. It is available in free and paid both. You can easily use it with the plugin or go to the website.

Its free account gives you 100 free image compression every month which is enough for a normal blogger. Also, you can take 100 more compressions when you referred to it. Its paid Plan is available in different categories like $9.98 for 10K images (Monthly).

First, you need to create an account and choose your plan. You can use it through the website but if you have WordPress, then you should use its plugin option.

Just go to the account and grab the API key. After Grab API key and go to Settings > ShortPixel and add the API key. After adding this, you are able to use this plugin. You can compress your old images also with it just go on WordPress admin> media> Bulk Shortpixel and compress in bulk. If you don’t want to optimize your thumbnail, then you can deselect those options.

shortpixel image compress plugin
shortpixel plugin

Shortpixel Feature

  • Supports Lossy, Glossy and Lossless Optimization.
  • It optimized new image automatically on upload.
  • Supports all (JPG, PNG, GIF & PDF).
  • No file size limit.
  • You can restore the original image anytime.
  • Compress all old images with a single click.
  • You can optimize your 100 images free of cost every month.
  • Available Option to keep or remove the EXIF tag of the image

TinyPNG- Compress Jpeg and Png Images

TinyPNG plugin has a clear and easy interface, you can easily use it. It is also available in both free and paid. Its free account gives you the option of 500 images compressed each month and its paid account available in different combinations like $85.50  for 10000 images.

First, create your account and grab the API key and submit in the Tiny PNG plugin. Go on media>bulk optimization and optimize all images in bulk. You can also go to the media and select compress individual image. 

Tinypng dashboard

TinyPNG Features

  • You can optimize images bulk.
  • It Supports JPEG & PNG files only.
  • No file size limits.
  • Resize image features.
  • A single API can be used for multiple sites.


It has a beautiful interface with different features. It is available in both a free or paid account. Its free version doesn’t need any API key. You can optimize up to 50 images at a time in this plugin. Only lossless compression available in the free version and you can’t optimize Individual image exceed 1MB. Its pro account unlocks many special features that are essential to pro-WordPress users. Try Free Trial WPMU DEV.

Smush Features

  • Available Resize option
  • Optimization of old and new images both.
  • automatically compresses image on upload
  • You can also set maximum image resolution

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