How many Plugins Should You Use?

WordPress is best of the best Platform Because of its amazing plugin feature. Plugins make any work easier. For each work WordPress has plugins. For one work, more than 6 plugins are available.

Some plugin has the same work but it’s available in different names. It’s not a problem if you select the right plugin for the right work. You should install only essential plugin because lots of plugins can slow your blog performance.

How many plugin should you use
How many plugins should you use

Why Plugins Slow Down Your Website?

Whenever you install a new plugin it increases your WordPress Space. Every installed Plugin added a code onto your website. Every plugin increases the number of codes, then your blog takes more time to load.

Some plugins do not take more load time because they are well coded, but some plugins can increasing the load time.

More than 40,000+ plugins are available in WordPress but all plugins are not compulsory for your blog. I used plugins which are essential.

You should use these plugins-

You can use any plugin according to your need, I just described important plugins. You can use different plugins with the same work. I didn’t force you to choose this.

Seo Plugin

You can use the Yoast Seo plugin which helps to complete your Seo work. It completes all technical SEO work and gives features to do on-Page Seo easily. otherwise you can use another for SEO like Rankmath plugin.

Yoast is recommended which helps to index your website on search engines. Explore this plugin to know its all features.

Image Compressor Plugin

You can use the Shortpixel plugin for your image compression. It is the best plugin that gives you 100 free image optimization in a month. If you have a blog then it is best for you. You can optimize your image with different compression levels lossless, lossy, glossy.

Image optimization is most important for every website because it helps to improve your page speed, and page speed is an important factor of Seo.

Cache and Minify Plugin

You can use W3 Total Cache to cache your website and Minify your scripts. It helps to improve your pagespeed. If you use paid then it gives you many more features. It works on your website coding, it is technical. Otherwise, you can use another plugin like wp-optimize.

Analytic Plugin

Analytics is important to know your blog growth. You can install any analytics or post views plugin for know your post and blog visitors. You can install Jetpack.

Security Plugin

Security is most important for every site. You should install one plugin for security like you can install WPS hide login to make a unique login page. Cloudflare is also best for security. otherwise, install any plugins which are best for you.

Amp Plugin

Amp means “Accelerated Mobile Pages”. It is best for your mobile pagespeed. It loaded content first and then images, it is the main reason why it improves pagespeed and bounce rate. You should use this on only the mobile version.

This is Essential plugins but you can also use additional plugins for additional work. You can use many more plugins for email capture, Ad Inserter, post sharing, and according to your website goals.

According to my research and experiment, I recommend using a maximum of 16 plugins. This is only for Blogging websites. If you have an e-commerce website then you can use plugins according to your hosting and your need.

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