How to Promote Affiliate Links on Blog?

One of the best ways of earning from a blog is show Ads and promote Affiliate links on blog. Affiliate marketing helps to earn money from a blog. You can choose any affiliate products which is related to your blog niche.

When anyone buys a product using your affiliate link then you receive a commission from it. You can promote affiliate links with many different methods like social media marketing or email marketing but a blog is the easiest way to promote affiliate products. Many techniques are available to promote affiliate products easily.

Techniques to Promote Affiliate Links on Blog-

How to promote affiliate links on blog
How to Promote Affiliate Links on Blog

Write Reviews

You can write reviews about any affiliate products because when anyone wants to purchase any product then those check reviews about their products. A Review article gives all information to readers.

Remember these points when you write a reviews article-

  • Make Honest reviews. Most of the people just focus on writing good points only but you should write about both good and bad points.
  • Also, add product images, and give useful information.
  • Make a review in a personal tone as you talk personally with your visitors.
  • Before writing a review, pick those products that are useful or that you are likely to use yourself.
  • Secret: You can take advantage of the Star rating. Add star plugins.

Blog Post Promotion

It is best and effective method of promoting affiliate products. You need to write an article that a user would searching. Write a post according to the buying-intent keyword. It surely helps to increase you sales.


Best (Any Product Name) Online

Best Cloud Hosting

How to save money on Buy Train ticket?

You should choose DIY type articles for affiliate promotion. Like “How-to” article that always perform great on search engines.

Use Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are always work if you want to save money. Everyone discover coupon codes before buying products if sellers give coupon option. Whenever customer sees a coupon box in the buying site then he searches “Product name with Coupon” and buy from your link.

Coupon Codes Example
Coupon Codes Example


When he buy product through your link then you receive commission. Make a post on coupon codes with great content. Many Coupon sites, always ask you to “Click to view coupon” because the reason when you click then you redirect to product website and also your cookies save on your browser.

Use Featured Post

The featured post helps to increase your website traffic that helps to generate sales. You should keep this post on top of your blog. When your post show at the top of your blog then your visitors read those post easily.

Use Banners

Banners help to increase your affiliate sales because the banner is in image form. It is like ads but it’s your own. But don’t add many banners on your page, it looks spammy and confuses the readers.

Banner example
Banner example


Also, Don’t add a similar product banner. Ex- If you promote Bigrock hosting then only show the Bigrock banner, don’t add other hosting banners.

Some vendors give you banners to add to your site. Like Hostinger and Bigrock. Use those Banners in a right place.

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