How to Copyright a Website ?

How to copyright a website

How to copyright a website is a good question that asked by almost everyone who owns a website and has a blog. All things considered, web content, in general, is generally copyrighted.

So, the best way to prevent someone from infringing on your intellectual property and assets is to include a small copyright notice on the bottom of every web page.

Every website owner put a lot of work into creating website, so everyone wants to protect their website from content thieves, duplicator, or any fraud. websites is a valuable thing for marketing, sales, etc. You need to protect it because it is your property.

Remember– You can’t copyright a website but you can copyright the content of a website like its content, original image, artwork, logo etc. Its look like all website but you can’t copyright your domain name (No one can use your domain name because you bought it)

Why should I Copyright my website?

It helps to create your business unique and valuable. when you copyright your website, no one tries to make a duplicate entity with your name and logo or something that looks or sound similar. It’s not compulsory if you don’t think your website as a business but it offers you added protection against copycats.

How to register Copyright of Website?

Go to the Copyright Register Portal to register the copyright of the site. You need to pay a small fee for this and submit your articles or content of the website you want to be protected.

You need to signup on to this portal, click on “Log into the Electronic Copyright Registration Office.”


Next click on New user

new user

After making a account, start the process of submitting and submit everything you want to protect under copyright law.

fill information

You need to submit everything in one batch, such as your website, all current photos, articles, videos, artwork, etc.

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