How to Monetize Blog without Ads in 2022?

Blogging is the place where people share their knowledge and wants to earn some money from blogging. Most of the blogger use Adsense, or other Ads Publishers on their blog to earn money.

But some bloggers don’t want to use this ads platform and some don’t get approval from Ads publishers because of strict policies. Those people use other opportunities to monetize blogs easily to earn money from the blog.

5 Ways to Monetize Blog without Ads

Blog monetization without ads
Monetize Blog without ads

Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the easiest ways to earn lots of money. When you sell any products then the product owner gives you some commission those are known as affiliate marketing. It is a very large and growing industry. You can do affiliate on your blog.

You can write a product review and give a product affiliate link, when people buy through your link then you get a commission. Otherwise, you can share some knowledge with the product solution. But first you need to join affiliate programs like amazon affiliate or another.

Always choose an affiliate network according to your blog niche. In my blog, I use hosting, email marketing affiliate network which is related to my blog.

How to Promote Affiliate Links on Blog?

Sell an e-Book

You can sell an ebook on your website. the eBook is an online book, anyone can read this book anywhere. You can create your own book related to your blog topic, always write a book on the popular subject that sale easily and earn money for you.

Even you can sell your books copyright to other publishing agencies. You can also use the amazon kindle type publishing platform. You can divide parts of your book or make a bundle of posts.

Premium Content

You can use the membership options like youtube. If your blog is popular and people take an interest in your blog then you can give the option of premium services or membership on your blog.

You can add premium content or special things in your membership plan. It is the easiest way to earn huge money but it works only when you have huge quantity of visitors. You can also sell some course through your blog.

Sponsored Posts

It is the most popular method of earning after the advertisement. If your blog is high rated (DA/PA) then people want to post their content on your blog. You can charge a high amount for posting any other website content on your blog. When people post content to another blog then it helps to grow traffic. Also, some popular companies and brands approach you to share information on your blog.

Freelance Writing

If you are a good writer then you can earn a lot of money. Most of the blogs owners didn’t write their content. They always hire someone other to write their SEO-friendly posts. If any professional like your work, then those can hire you. Otherwise, you can approach freelancing websites or big blogs and show your blog as a good example.

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