What is the Difference Between WordPress Vs Weebly

When it comes to blogging and Internet marketing, it can be difficult to decide on which site builder or platform to use; Weebly Vs WordPress. Both of these famous web design and marketing platforms have their strengths and disadvantages.

You’ll quickly see that there are many different decisions to be made between using one or the other. Each has its own special features and abilities. Here’s a look at both WordPress and Weebly and how each one stands compared to the other.

WordPress is a blogging platform that is easy to use and has a wide range of features. It is a very popular blogging platform that provides you with a very attractive interface and tons of functionality. You’ll find it uses lots of plug-ins which gives you lots of options when it comes to customizing your blog. It also uses a Content Management System (CMS) which allows you to manage your themes, pages, and plugins.

WordPress Vs Weebly

weebly vs wordpress
weebly vs wordpress

One of the biggest differences between WordPress vs Weebly is that WordPress uses a content management system to Weebly use a more robust one called Movable Type.

Movable Type is basically a database that stores styles and code for your website builders and allows you to edit them easily. It is what sets Weebly apart from other website builders. WordPress also uses its own inbuilt plugins system, but Weebly uses the more advanced plugins that WordPress uses and add their own functionality.

There are some advantages to using a blogging platform over other website builders. WordPress is not as complex as some of the other platforms and is actually one of the easier platforms to use and learn. It does have a few disadvantages, however. One of the disadvantages is that it does not support PHP or MySQL databases.

That means you will need to either learn how to create a database or purchase an add-on that provides support for those databases. Those are just some of the disadvantages of using WordPress over other website builders.

In terms of performance, Weebly is a bit better than WordPress. It does have its disadvantages, however, and that is one of the reasons why there are a few people who prefer WordPress to Weebly. The biggest disadvantage of using WordPress is that it does not support flash, images, and JavaScript.

If you want to customize your website with these features then you will need to purchase an add-on or integrate your site with an existing platform. This problem was solved by Weebly and now their plug-ins for flash, image and script functionality are built into the platform.

Weebly also has its own URL shortener. WordPress uses the standard web URL format while Weebly uses the longer platform format. That makes Weebly a bit easier for people to remember, but it does make the URL shorter which can be handy if you have a lot of long website URLs.

In terms of plug-ins and functions, most of the same ones are available on both platforms. That means you will have access to the same social networking features like RSS feeds, sharing and commenting as well as the same functionality for editing your blog and providing public sharing options.

You might like WordPress better because it allows you more customization and power. Weebly has the same basic platform and some of the additional features like custom logos and shopping carts are not available on Weebly. They are available on WordPress however.

This can be a huge draw for some who prefer to use the standard WordPress theme and have no preference for creating their own personal websites. Also, those who are very concerned about transaction fees and monthly subscription fees will find Weebly much better because it does not charge transaction fees when using the platform for one month and this is in addition to the monthly service fee it charges.


It is really difficult to come up with a comparison between WordPress and Weebly because all they provide is very similar basic functionality. The thing that really makes WordPress stand out is the additional plug-ins and the ability to create an online store and maintain a custom profile. It also provides the basic visual content management system that one would find on a blogging platform as well as the storage system for images and other content related to the site. If you need all these capabilities at your fingertips and cannot find a blogging platform that has them then WordPress is the obvious choice.

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