You should Check this Different Types of Backlinks

The backlink is a link that connects your site to other websites. It is the most important factor of OFF-Page Seo. Every site wants backlinks to achieve a good ranking in the search engine result page. Backlinks are like trust, everyone wants to increase their site trust.

If many websites give you backlink then you can easily achieve a good ranking. Every search engines check the backlinks of your site, if your sites have low backlinks then you can’t achieve success easily. When search engine crawlers any website page then it also crawls those whole page links.

All Backlinks are not good, don’t spamming in comments. If you take backlinks from any sites then also check that website authority and spam score. If you take backlinks from any spam sites then those backlinks can harm your site.

You should make relevant backlinks for your site. If your site is health-related then you should make backlinks from health-related sites.

Parts of Backlinks

Both backlinks are important but you need to give more focus on do-follow links. Also, make some No-follow links to maintain backlinks.

Do-follow links

Do-follow links demand is very high, everyone wants this. Its tag tells the search engines to crawl the linking site (site agree). 

<a href=””>

No-follow links

No-follow links have no value because it describes not follow to linking sites. Its tag tells search engines to ignore those links.

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>

Types of Backlinks

types of backlinks
Types of backlinks

Editorially Links

These types of backlinks made naturally. When anyone likes your post and wants to share your information then people give your post link in own post automatically without any approach. You should make high-quality posts to take these types of links. Mainly these links are do-follow.

Links from Media and Press 

When you get links from the press (eg, newspaper and magazine sites) those are called media and press links. when you give an interview, write news posts, and you have any special information then media and press sites give you link. This type of links is most valuable because media and news sites have good authority and traffic.

Social Media links

Anyone can make these types of links, it’s very easy. You just need to set up your social media profile links. You can get a link with two methods. Profile link, and Post links. Just set the profile and post daily your blog posts. (Social Media Links Strategy)

Links from Competitor

This types of links are also important because it is based on your niche. You can take it by exchange posts. Just find your competitor and send message to backlinks.

Guest Blogging Backlinks

This types of links are also important because it is based on your niche. You can take it by exchange posts. Just find your competitor and send a message to make backlinks.

Backlinks in Business Profiles

You can create profiles on business listing sites and give your site link. You can also take links from the review site.

Forum Backlinks

You can join forums to increase your traffic and backlinks when you discuss the topic then you can also be given your link on those places. Remember, only join your niche forums.

Directory Backlinks

It is like a website that lets you submit a website URL to create backlinks. You just submit information on your site and submit. It is freemium, you can get the high-quality backlinks from it.

Free-Tool Backlinks

Make free tools are available on the web which can help you to make backlinks. I didn’t recommend using tools because they don’t make valuable backlinks and sometimes it increases your bad backlink and Spam score.

Comment Backlinks

This type of links also has value if they are do-follow. You can comment on the posts and give your links. It is easy to find link commenting sites.

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