How to get Traffic from Social Media Platform

Social Media is the best way to generate traffic, sales, and Branding awareness. It is a free and easy method to increase visitors on your blog.

But if you want to increase visitors then you should make a trust bond with Your audience. When you gain the trust of your audience then you can easily gain visitors on your blog. It’s not easy, Everyone takes time to make trust with anyone. Your website also takes time to make a bond with the audience.

Every social media has its own algorithm, and also every platform needs SEO techniques. Some platforms can easily increase your visibility but some not.

The most important thing on social media is your engaging time. You should give time to social media. Daily post and connecting with the audience is important to grow your social media account.

Some Social Media Techniques to Increase Traffic

Social media techniques
Traffic from social media

Profile Setup

The profile setup is the base of your social media account. When you properly set up this, then people can attract to your blog. You should add your website link in your profile. Most people use it in their Bio.

You should use these tips in Profile Setup-

  • Add Proper profile Image
  • Make Professional Bio.
  • Add some keywords in bio, if any other option is not available for Keywords.
  • Add also cover image if option are available.
  • Fill all sections with professional Ways. Make a profile like a professional.

Make Own Strategy

The strategy is the most important point of everything. If you do any work with strategy then you can easily achieve success. You can follow someone’s strategy but if you make your own unique strategy then it works fast. 

Shareable Content

You make content but if you do not make shareable content then no one like those and no one share. If people like your content, posts, or photos then anyone shares your post. Shareable content like-

  • Give some information in the photo.
  • Good Design Posts.
  • Call to action texts.
  • Graph type of photos.
  • You can also give photos with text.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is really helpful, it can help to find trending content and find the interest of the audience. If you write a post which is most liked by people then it helps to grow your Traffic. You can search it on social media platforms and also you can search on google. Make some content that is most popular.

You can add keywords in tags of the post, but before adding tags, you should check the keywords search volume. It helps to easily rank your posts.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis is important in all types of sites and businesses. It helps to grow your site when you compete with your competitor. Everything in life has a competitor.

Follow the competitor page or account to compete with those and follow these steps-

  • Analyze the Strategy
  • Check Post time
  • Know Exactly What’s Engaging Followers
  • Check Comments to
  • Check Texts of posts
  • Check Post types (Infographics, regular, text)

After analyzing all of these, Apply in Your Account with your own strategy.

Know Your Audience

The audience is the main focus for you, it is a visitor to your site which can increase your blog traffic. You need to know what your audience wants and likes. If you post your audience favorite and liked content then you can easily connect with your audience, and easily increase your traffic. It is not easy, You need to do analyze social media platform.

Social Media Tools

Social Media tools help to make a beautiful and professional blog. These tools’ main focus is to grow your account and increase your reach between targeting audiences. Every Platform has its own different tools.

Share Button on your Blog

It is also an important factor that is essential for your site. If you add a share button on your site then anyone can easily share your content on social media platforms without any problems.

Many tools are available which helps to add share button in your post. You can also add your social media links in your blog. If anyone interest in your blog then those can easily follow you on social media.

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