Social Media Sites that help to generate Traffic

Social Media Sites for blogging are the best method for generating traffic. Nowadays, Most People active on social media every day. It is the platform where anyone can share their information, moments, and many more. You can take benefit of this to generate blog traffic.

Social Media helps to find new things and new information. It gives many features to their users, which can make it easier. Every platform has its own features. You can target different platforms to increase your blog traffic.

You can make your own strategy to increase your blog traffic. If you use this with strategy, it can increase your visitors and Branding. Marketers and companies also use this to increase their sales and services. It can increase or decrease your reputation, you should give focus on this to achieve success.

Top Social Media Sites for Blogging

Social media platform for blogging
Social media platform for blogging


Facebook is the most used platform compare to all other social media platforms. Its audience is very wide, you should use this platform to increase your blog visitors. You can target any type of audience for your blog. 

You can make a group or page of your blog. If your topic is a discussion topic then you can make Group, Other than you can make Page. You can make both groups or pages and link each other. The Facebook group has different features and the Facebook page has different features.

Facebook page has more features rather than Facebook groups. You should make your own strategy to target your audience and attract more people on your blog. You also need to do the daily activities on your account.


Instagram is mainly a photo-sharing app, and now it also video sharing site. You can make an Instagram account and change it into the blogger category.

After converting it, add your blog link in bio. Post daily on your Instagram account to grow your account and also use hashtags in your post. You can also connect your Instagram account to your Facebook page and Twitter account.


Linkedin is a Business and Professional social media site which can help to grow your business. You can also grow your blog on this. If your blog niche is related to digital marketing and another online service niche. Just set your Profile like a professional. You can increase your sales, service, and also visitors on Linkedin.


Pinterest is one more Photo sharing site, Mostly United states females use this according to the report. It is easier to use, just add your photo and write an attractive title and description. It also gave you the option of adding a link below your photo. If anyone likes your photo then it can go on your blog by link.


Reddit is also the most famous platform in the United States. You can easily gain traffic on your blog from this. You can join communities to post your blog content and also share images, links, and many more. Every community has its own rules. You should follow rules to promote your blog.


Twitter is an idea or information-sharing social media platform. It mainly depends on the hashtag, many people use it to contact persons. You can make your own hashtag and images, and post daily to increase your blog traffic. You can also retweet any post, if you like or agree with those post.


Tumblr is also a blogging platform. You can share text, photo, quote, link, audio, and video. It is also use the hashtag algorithm. You can reblog any other blog. Just share daily blog posts to increase your blog traffic and interact with many other peoples or bloggers.

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