How to Make a Gaming Website in WordPress?

Game is very popular nowadays, Almost every aged people play the game. If you love video games, then it’s good for you to be involved in this. It’s a trending topic, so it is a great opportunity to make your gaming website.

Type of Gaming Website

You can make any type of gaming website but if you choose a specific type then it’s better. If you know your website type then you can proceed, Otherwise

  • You can make gaming blogs, reviews, news sites.
  • Simple and fun online game.
  • Streaming website.
  • Gaming forum for the favourite game.
  • Sell gaming products online.
Make a Gaming website in WordPress
Make a Gaming website in WordPress

Steps to Make a Gaming Website-

Choose a Perfect name or Domain Name

Choosing a perfect name is always difficult because it represents you and your online presence. I will recommend you to choose a name according to your work but remember it should be small, easily pronounceable, understandable, rememberable or unique. You can take a look at some popular gaming websites and choose the perfect domain name.

Sometimes domain names are not available for purchase. You should use your creativity for finding the best domain name. You can check the availability of your name on any domain seller platform. Before selecting the name you also need to enter your chosen name in google, if your chosen name is already being used by any company or brand then those can sue your website.

Also, you should choose TDL (Top Level Domain) like .com but if you want to target a specific country then you can choose that country extension like .us, .in, etc.

Choose a Perfect Hosting

If you want to make a blog, news, review, forum, online product selling website then you can choose any WordPress hosting. I don’t recommend you to choose a high hosting package in the beginning stage but if you gain some traffic and your hosting can’t handle this then you can upgrade your package anytime.

Second, if you want to set up online gaming or live streaming then you should go with VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), It is difficult to set up and configure all things. but you should not take the worry, because Hostinger VPS hosting helps you to set up your website.

I recommend Hostinger hosting, because of its easy user interface. you can easily migrate your website, upgrade your hosting package, its price is good with high-quality service. Also most important is its support service which replies in half an hour and solves your query easily.

Setup a Gaming Website

First of all, you need to install WordPress. I use WordPress for creating websites because of its easy user interface and plugin features. WP is mostly used CMS (Content Management System) worldwide.

After installing WordPress, you should install a theme, which gave a special look to your website and made a good looking gaming site. You can use a free gaming theme or you can use a premium theme. The main difference between them is a pre-built template. In premium theme, you can easily import the whole website with demo content and in free themes, you need to make your design, customize things, and it has some fewer features compared to a premium theme.

You also need to set up your main pages like Home, About us, Contact us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy pages, which describe your website in a better way.

Install Some Gaming Plugins

WordPress’s special feature is plugins, it’s like apps that make your work easy. Many free plugins are available on WordPress but you need plugins according to your website.

Adding Game Review to WordPress

If you are making a gaming review website then you need to add some features for review like starred ratings, tables, schema etc. To add star ratings you’ll need to install any star rating plugins like Kk star, it helps you to add starred ratings on the article and also show on the search engine result page. You can also use the Wp table builder plugin for tabling products.

One more thing is you can use the Wp review pro plugin, you can check how to use it.

Game Related Forum in WordPress

A forum is a place where people and you share tips about a specific game or even a question and answer platform. You can add this feature to your website for your gaming community.

Forums allow people to feel like those are part of your website. The easy and best way to add forum functionality in WordPress is using bbPress or BuddyPress plugins. These are the best 2 WordPress forum plugins and help to make your forum website. (wp beginner link how to add forum bbpress)

Adding Games to WordPress

Adding simple games to the site gives fun to your visitors. The best way to add games on site is through the plugin. You can search for games plugins and install them like dinosaur games, puzzles games. If you turn the whole website into an online game then use the Myarcade plugin. It’s a premium plugin that is used in 1,00,000 wp sites.

Otherwise, install any dependencies required by the game, configure your server depending on the game you host, Test the gaming server and start playing.

Adding Streaming Functionality to WordPress

If you’re a streamer and host your live stream on your website then you need a wp plugin, you can use Twitch Tc easy embed plugins.

Selling Game Related Products

If your goal is selling gaming products then you need to install woocommerce and set up products. You can contact Hanubo for your website development.

Gaming Woocommerce
Gaming Woocommerce

Make Best Website with these Plugins

Many common plugins you should need to install on your site. These plugins are essential plugins but you can also use its variation plugin. The first one is SEO plugins which help to rank your website easily, you can install any SEO plugin like Yoast, Rank Math. The second one is Security Plugin which secures your website.


You can easily make your gaming website, you’ll just need a domain or hosting to start a Gaming website. But if you want to make an extraordinary site then you need some premium sources. If you are a beginner then don’t invest a high value of money.

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