Use Your Own Name as a Domain Name

Blogging is a Hard for Beginners because when they start their first blog then those need to search many things like hosting and domain name. After selecting this those need to do SEO, Make Posts, and beautiful and responsive user interface of the blog. It is Difficult only for beginners. After Sometime it generates some traffic Which is monetized easily.

But the main thing is the domain name for Beginners. A domain name helps people to find your site. You can choose any name in the domain name which is available. Now you think, should I choose my name as a domain name. You can select your own name as a domain name but you should read this first-


Advantages of Own Name as a Domain Name

Personal Branding

If you want to make your name as a Brand name then you can choose your own name as a domain name. If you think your name is complex, then you can add some niche or keyword after your name.

If You use name + niche or keyword then it’s easy to find your name in search engines. its niche or keyword describes about your blog. People can easily search your website by name.


It is also best when you make an agency, portfolio, or resume type website. Anyone in anywhere can easily check and search your portfolio, Resume, or agency.

You can also link these websites in any freelancer website and also in social media profiles. It helps to attract more people and clients to your website or business.

Disadvantage of Own Name as a Domain Name

Hard to sell

If you are not sure to work on your own domain name then do not buy a domain name website. You can sell other domain name but you can’t sell your name domain.

In one condition you can sell this if you find the same name seller but its a very low chance to find the same name people who are interested in this.


If you want to make a Particular niche blog then you shouldn’t use your own name domain. You can create a small type of Portfolio rather than make a whole website. Google gives you this option, search in google “Add me to search” and make your small Portfolio with google account.


You can use your own name domain according to your goal. Otherwise, mix the name with keywords. You can share a Portfolio, story, video on this type of website.

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