Check the Blogging Reality Before Starting

The blog is a place where anyone can share their knowledge. More than 152 Million blogs are online in the web. When the blog was invented then some blogs were available on the Internet with zero competition. But now Everyone wants to start their own blogs, this is the main reason for competition.

People start Blogging for many reasons, some want to make money online, some are interested to know new things, share knowledge, and some want to share Personal stories. Blogging reality is some type of critical. If you want to start a blog then you need to check this first-

Expectation vs Reality

Blogging reality
Blogging reality


When people want to start a blog then he/she think blogging is easy and everyone can do this. Mostly People start blogging by watching youtube videos. Some YouTubers says it is an easy, and short method of earning. But it’s not true.

I am not saying it is tough but it needs hard work and takes around 6 months’ time. Everyone can start this but if you focus on only making money then it creates difficulty for you because you give focus only on earning money. Most people try blogging but those people give up from this because it doesn’t understand this.

Parts confusion

People think it is based only on content, but it’s not true. It has many parts and subparts which is essential for a blog. If you can’t complete all part’s work then you can’t achieve success. Like it includes SEO, theme, unique content, search engines, settings, security, images, hosting, page speed, mobile view, user interface, and many more.

The toughest part is Seo which contains many sub-parts like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical Seo. If you are not able to complete its parts then you can’t achieve success easily. I know, all are easy but if you can’t do hard work then you can’t do anything.

Content Confusion

Content is the base of every blog. If you can’t write an article around 500 or more words then don’t go on blogging carrier. The blog and website’s main difference is posts. Blogging needs daily posts or 2-3 times a week posts. If you can’t write a post daily or 2-3 times a week then your blog goes down which is not good.

The most important point in content is uniqueness, if you can’t write a unique and informative article then your article will not be ranked in any search engines.


Investment is your choice but according to me, it is essential. First, you need to buy a domain name that helps to find your site by the domain name. If you use blogger then you can use its Blogspot but it’s not helpful when you want to set the carrier in blogging.

After domain, you need hosting and SSL Certificate. Blogger gives you free hosting and free SSL certificate, but in blogger, you can set only small type blogs. WordPress needs hosting which is costly and you buy it according to your need. You can use Cloudflare free SSL certificate for your wordpress.

Monetization problem

Monetization is the best and happy part of every blogger. It helps to generate money easily. If your site has good traffic then you should monetize your blog and convert your traffic into money. Monetization parts are also difficult. It has some condition like unique content and needs 20-30 posts for monetization. Many times you get a disapproval message.

Every Platform has its own condition. The most used monetization platform is Adsense. Adsense is the best and top platform of monetization. You can easily apply in this after 20-30 posts on the blog. You can take monetization benefits when you have good traffic.

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My story

When I started a blog, I was didn’t know anything about blogging. I started in a blogger free platform with a large domain name, which was not good. I tried to learn blogging from bloggers. After learning, I shifted into WordPress. I spent 10 months without earning. Learning is never ended, Now I also tried to learn more and new. It takes time to achieve success. You can try this with hard work. Just check Blogging Reality before starting a Blog.

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