What is a Blog? Blog Benefit, Blogging Reality?

What is a Blog?

A Blog is an Online Diary or Informational website which is published in the World Wide Web. It provides a particular Information on Topics. It is a Source of Informations. Blog is a Platform where authors share information about their topics. A writer shares own Knowledge and Experience by writing a post on a blog platform. If the Blogs author wants to share his post to all people easily then the author shows their blog on google. If blog owner Indexed their blog URL in google search console then all people who searched related topics of blog those are found easily their answer on search in google.

what is a blog
what is a blog

A blog is a group of posts. In a blog, you see many posts and some pages. Post of blogs gives information about Blog related topics and page show information about Blog related Topics and page show information(Disclaimer, Term & Condition, About us, Privacy Policy, Contact us, and what you want to add).

Blog owners also share personal knowledge by share own blog posts in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora. Blogging is a medium to share particular information or experience to all people who know the information. Blogging is to connect you to your blogs in Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, and LiveJournal.

If you Monetize your Blog with Google AdSense, Bing ads, and many more ads company then you earn money by show ads. You also become an affiliate marketer to use your own blog and earn more money. Many affiliate websites are available like amazon affiliate, Maxbounty.com, CJ affiliate.

If you starting a blog as a career then you give some time to become a successful career then you give some time to become a successful blogger. Blogging is not just an income source. It is also a passion and a hobby. Choose only those topics to start a blog whose knowledge you have because copy content is not increasing visitors and not generate income. If you copy any other post then you are not stay in blogging for more time. You always write original content. Don’t copy from another.

Blogs Structure

Blog structure including different items. But, most blog adds some standard structure. Main Header(Title) with Menu and Navigation bar. Content area where you post your blog posts. Sidebar in the Right or left side of the content area which shows social widget, ads, Recent post, and what you want to add in Sidebar. Footer in the last of your blog which shows the Relevant links like of pages and what you want to add in Footer.

what is the Benefit of Blogging?

Become a Better Writer– If you start blogging and you are not an expert in better writing then you wrote every day a new blog post to become a better writer in the future. The practice is to make you a better writer.

Share – Always share your passion and experience with all people through the Blog. People are curious to know more Information.

Know about People – You share your blog post and all people read those blogs. After reading Blog, all people share the experience with a comment on your blog post.

Earn Money with Blogging – If your blog gains more traffic then you monetize your blog with Google Adsense, Media.net and many more. Your blog earns money by show ads. Similarly, the affiliate marketing platform also gives the opportunity to earn money. If you sell affiliate products with the help of your blog then you earn money. Affiliate platform like amazon affiliate, maxbounty.com, CJ affiliate and many more.

Collect knowledge in your field – You always update your blog by add post in your blog. Every post gives you knowledge of your field. Every update gives you Information about your particular topic.

Become a Popular Author – You are the author of your blog post if your blog is rank on 1st page in google then you famous with your blogging carrier.

Sell Any Product – You can sell any product with the help of your blog. You also make a store blog otherwise you can show ads of product in your blog.

Grow a business and personal Brands-If you start a blog and In blog, you describe your Business then It is the best method to attract people and increase your sales. You describe briefly about your business in the Blog. You share your personal brand Information. Increase the popularity of your business and Brand by use a blog.

History of Blogs

Blogging was started around Since 1993. Blogs started as online diaries and journals. On those time internet users were already running their personal web pages. Blogs used as a normal extension of the increased use of computers. In the previous time blog was “Online Journals” and “Online Diaries” and people was said it “Weblog” and after finally changed time we said it “Blog“.

Due to the growth of bloggers, many tools started to appear, which make it easier and better for users to create blogs. These tools make simple and easier blogs.

In 1999, the Blogging website Blogger.com was launched but after in February 2003, google was acquired this Blogger.com. WordPress also launched its first version as a blogging platform in May 2003.

Difference Between Blogs Vs Websites

A blog is related to the website but the main difference between blog and website is updated post but the Website is not updated daily. Blog use articles, categories, and Tags. Website use pages to display content. Blog Always updated every day and the Website not updated daily because the Website does not have the Latest Content every day. People are confused about Blogs and Websites. Ex- Godaddy Company uses blogs to interact audience, gain audience and Customer because a blog is a place where you discuss product and share experience But On the Godaddy website, you can Buy products. Blog help to increase the rank of the company and increase the audience and gain goodwill. Blog is like a community. The website is work on sale or purchase. The blog is a primary website for the company. website is made by pages.

Difference Between Post and Pages

Blog Post

  • Posts updated regularly.
  • Post have authored and published date.
  • Post has a comment conversation style.
  • The post is unlimited.
  • You can share your post on social sites.
  • Month and year are archived based on the post.
  • In the post, you can add an RSS feed.
  • Post has categories and Tags.
  • The post has headings and sub-headings.


  • The pages are not updated regularly.
  • Page does not have an author or published date.
  • You can add only Sub-pages.
  • Pages don’t have specific dates.

What is Blogging Reality

Blogging is a place where people share information. If you want to start blogging and achieve success then use some tips.

  • Never copy other Blog content. Copy Content not ranked on Google.
  • Write a unique article. The unique article is ranked easily.
  • Always motivated yourself.
  • You need good writing skills- Minimum 800 words writing Knowledge of any Topics.
  • The blog always takes time to ranked and viral.
  • write every day on the blog for up to 2 months.
  • Choose an only interested Blog niche.

You do not achieve success within a day or a month. It takes time. If you are not able to write a post then you do not come in blogging.

Top Blogging Platform


Blogger is a Blogging platform where you can start your Blog with the help of Blogger.com.

  • It is free for all and it is a Google product.
  • It also provides a subdomain and unlimited space for your blog. it Subdomain includes in the last xyzblogspot.com.
  • In Blogger you do not need any Hosting.
  • It provides limited Templates.
  • If Hacker wants to hack your blog in a blogger than it is impossible.


WordPress is not a free platform. If you want to use this platform then you need hosting. Hosting is compulsory to install WordPress. WordPress provides you

  • It provides an unlimited WP themes option.
  • WordPress space is depending on your hosting.
  • WordPress provides you Plugin options. Plugin is help to improve your blog and help to make easier work.
  • WordPress provides you AMP pages option. AMP pages help in rank factor.

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