How to Write SEO friendly Content Easily?

A blog is based mainly on content. This is why content is important and you should make SEO friendly, informative, and unique content. Nowadays, Anyone can write an article but not all write the SEO friendly article. In this article, I want to share some tips on how to make SEO friendly article which increases valuable traffic on your site.

Follow these steps to make Seo Friendly article-

Steps to make Seo Friendly article
Steps to make Seo Friendly article

Research Your Topic

Before writing you should research your content and find the best topic. You can find your topic in question answering websites like Quora. You can also find questions in the ‘People also ask‘ tab in google. Just type your topic name. Otherwise, use your brain idea.

After finding those article, check the low competition keyword related to those topic. Analyze your Top 10 Competitor article and check how they write, which keyword they used, those post headlines. You can use tools for all this work.

Post Title and Description

Both are different and both are important. The post title is the main headline of your post which helps to attract visitors easily. You should make an attractive headline. It defines your post content. You can also add some keywords to the main Headline.

Meta Description shows above the post title in Search Engine Result Page. Every SEO plugins allow you to add meta description in a post. But you should write meta descriptions in 156 characters. Add Keywords in the Meta title to optimize your post.

Headings in Post

Use Proper heading tags and divide your post into different parts or subparts. Heading tags are always helpful in long posts. Headings help to better understand your blog posts.

Remember some theme use post title as H1 heading tag then uses next heading as H2. You can check it by inspect a particular post and find headings, otherwise use tools.

Images and its Alt Attribute

Images are most important in every blog because it can change your post interface and make a good looking post. You add a caption to tell what an image is about, but sometimes the search engine can’t understand the caption. That’s why I add the image alt attribute.

Don’t use images title like images542.jpg, give a proper name to the image. You should add alt. tag manually when you upload an image. It’s count in Image Seo.

Post Linking

Linking is the most important factor in Seo. It helps to improve your bounce rate and increase traffic on your other posts. Internal and External Linking both are important if you want to do complete SEO of an article. 

You should add Internal links with a similar topic of the post. It helps to increase visitors and it also helpful in crawling by the search engines. External links can increase your domain authority and give the advantage to achieve high ranking.

You can also use the Semrush tool to optimize your Article.

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