How to Buy a Perfect Domain Name?

What is Domain Name?

The domain name is the main name of your website which helps to find your website in a worldwide web network. It is a necessary element to start a blog and website. In a simple way, you can understand if your website is a house, then your domain name is the address of your house.

The Internet is a huge network of computers which connected to each other through a global network. All computer is assigned with an IP address. it is a series of numbers and it looks like this type (88.298.754.2). You can not remember the IP address of all websites, therefore, to solve this complication number problem invented the domain names. You search a particular website with the help of IP address and also domain name. I think the domain name is better and ways to use it.

How Domain Name Works?

It works, When you enter a domain name in any web browser then those send a request to a global network of servers they form of the DNS. Global server finds the name server which associated with the domain and forwards the request to name servers.

Buy a Perfect Domain
Buy a Perfect Domain Name
  • Choose a Unique and Brandable name
  • Use Keyword in your domain name
  • Always Buying TLD (Top Level Domain)
  • Research about your domain name
  • Keep it Short
  • Easy to type, Remember and Pronunciable.

Choose a Unique and Brandable Name

If your blog name is unique then it helps to increase your brand popularity and website popularity. Unique Domain name is shows different compare to other domain names and visitors click in your domain name. You can also choose your name type domain like (, If you are doing marketing of your business then you should choose your business name domain. Ex-If you have a cycle store and your store name is Gautam cycle workers then you choose (

Use Keywords in your Domain name

If you use keywords in your domain name then it helps to improve your rank on search engines and achieve more visitors. It plays an important role in a perfect domain name and shows what your website is about. Ex- if you have a recipe blog, then you should register ( Some time exact keyword domain name will not available, that’s already taken by others. You can use your creativity and combine your Keyword to make a better domain name.

Always Buying TLD (Top Level Domains)

First Top-Level Domain is .com domains and step 2 is .in, .co, .ord, etc. If you want to make a brand then choose both., my, because if you don’t buy .in, .com, .net type domain with .com then people create dummy sites that look like yours but aren’t your website. and confuse to all your visitors.

If people registering your brand domain with .in, .co, .net, .org then those trying to sell them back to you because you made a brand on those domain names. I recommend you to choose .com domain name. It is Easily remembered and Most Browsers Priorities is to the .com site.

Research about your domain name

Before Buying any domain name, Make sure you have selected the right domain. You should not select copyrighted Trademarked or being used by another company. You can also check the name availability of domain on Top social media platform.

Keep Short Domain Name

Always keep your domain name is short because a short sentence is remembered easily and decrease the risk of mistyping or misspellings. you should use the domain name under 14 characters. Longer name is hard to remember.

Easy to type, Remember and Pronunciable

Choose only those domains which are types easily, remembered easily and pronounceable easily. If your domain name is easy to type anyone can type easily and don’t do mistakes in typing. catchy domain name is easily remembered.

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