WordPress or Blogger Which one is Better for Blogging?

Many peoples are confuse to choose WordPress or blogger Mostly beginners. Blogging is a place where you can share information with all people.

In blogging, Some people are passionate, some want to share their information, experience, knowledge and some are maked a blog to earn money only. Choosing a blogging platform is difficult and confusing because you don’t know anything about blogging.

Many blogging platforms are available to make blogs like WordPress, blogger, Wix, Tumblr, and many more. WordPress and Blogger are the two most used blogging platform which can help you to make a better blog.

According to my recommendation, if you are a complete beginner and don’t have enough money then you should use blogger. It’s easy to use and setup. If you have some knowledge about blogging and have some money to buy hosting service and domain then you can use the WordPress platform. But remember, if you want to make a carrier in blogging then you should set your blog in WordPress, you can also transfer your blog from blogger to WordPress.

I started my blogging carrier with bloggers because I didn’t know what is blogging and also I was didn’t have enough money. But now, I use the WordPress platform because it gives many features. Now, I will discuss WordPress or blogger features. After reading the difference you can easily able to choose the best platform for you.

Overview of WordPress and Blogger

wordpress logo
wordpress logo


WordPress is a software that helps to create a website, blog, online store, portfolio, and agency. It started in 2003. You can use it for unlimited sites. but it is not available for free, if you want to use it then you need to buy a hosting service and a domain name. You can install your WordPress site on a hosting server. (WordPress Basic Setting)

Blogger Logo

Blogger is a free platform. Anyone can make a blog on blogger. You don’t need to buy any hosting service and domain name, it is optional. If you want to use your own domain then you can buy a domain name. otherwise, it gives you the free Blogspot domain name. It is a google product, which is started in 1999 by Pyra labs and Google acquired it in 2003. (Blogger for Beginners)

Wordpress or Blogger for Blogging
WordPress or Blogger


Blogger is an easily usable platform that can make your basic blog in 15 minutes. You can easily understand its feature and tools. You just need a google account to start a blog and it can also save your blog images in google account. Go to the blogger.com > signup > choose subdomain and template > blog setup is ready.

WordPress is small hard to install. You need hosting and domain to create a site. It can make a basic blog in half-hour. After install, you can use its feature.


A blog appearance is most important for every blog. It helps to make a better user interface and if your template is best then it also helps in the SEO factor.

Blogger provides only limited templates for use. These templates have a basic and normal design. You are able to modify its color, size, style, and text. If you want special featured templates then you need a developer.

In WordPress, you can install more than thousands of free templates. You can easily edit it with advanced options. These templates help you to make a professional and Special Blog. You can also upload any third party theme(purchased themes) in this.


Security is most important for every website because the ha…. chances of sites are high nowadays. Anyone don’t want to waste your time and investment.

If you used Blogger than you don’t need to take worry because blogger is a google product and secured by Google. Anybody can’t hack your Blogger website easily.

In WordPress, Your website can be used by another if you don’t make strong security of your website. You need to use security plugins and other security like a strong password and theme lock.


Blogger features-

  • Available Free HTTPS
  • Limited layout option.
  • Some Social share options.
  • Limited SEO editing.
  • Limited themes and its editing tools.

WordPress features-

  • If you want any settings, changes, modify, additional tools then you can use its plugin features. Plugins can make work easier.
  • Unlimited themes and Advance theme editing tools.
  • Available without Http.
  • Add any website Plugins.
  • Additional Social share option
  • Special SEO editing feature


Search engine optimization helps to rank your website in search engine result page and increase your website visitors. WordPress has more features to optimize the site. You can do SEO in blogger but WordPress plugin features are best for doing On-Page SEO and technical SEO. In blogger, you need to do technical SEO by coding, and On-page SEO by other website tools.

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