What is an SSL Certificate, its Benefit, and Type

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is most important for every type of website. It is like a digital certificate. It helps to keep your website secure and activates the padlock and the HTTPS protocol and allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. SSL full form is a Secure Sockets LayerIt allows for a private “conversation” just between the two intended parties. All SSL Certificates are used by CA (Certificate Authorities).

It’s like small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. It enables the website https to https. When you don’t use an SSL certificate on your site, then it shows HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) without a locking icon, and when you use this certificate, then it shows HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) with a locking icon. 

ssl certificate
what is an SSL certificate

SSL Certificate Benefits

  • It can help to keep safe all private information of the Audience like name, debit card, and other information.
  • It can boost your Seo ranking because most of the search engines recommend HTTPS sites first. Https sites secured sites.
  • It helps to protect from Phishing and other Attacks.
  • It can make your site more Trustable.

Types of SSL Certificate

Single CertificateIt is used only for one domain and one subdomain only. You can not use it for two or more than domains and subdomains.

Wildcard Certificate It is applied for only one domain and its unlimited subdomain. You can not use it for other subdomains.

Multi-Domain Certificate It can be applied to an unlimited domain name.

Validation Levels

Domain Validation

Organizations only have to prove they have control of the domain. You can use it on blogs and portfolio-type websites. It is basic validation levels.

Organization Validation

In addition, the organization verifies all details of the owner (name and address). This takes many days to receive.

Extended Validation

This provides high security. Certified authorities will verify organization exists and is legally registered as a business, that they actually are present at the address they list, and so on. It is a very long validation process but best for companies.

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