Check this Top 7 Blogging Tips, Specially for Beginners

Blogging is not easy work when you start a blog then you should follow some tips and techniques to increase your visitors. It’s like SEO, which is compulsory for all websites.

You complete your all SEO works but sometimes it does not work because of small mistakes. Some are common mistakes and some are important to your blog. Let’s check this-

Blogging Tips for Beginner

Blogging tips for beginners
Blogging tips for beginners

Blog Niche

Niche is most important for every blog. I mean you should write about a particular niche (topic). Most of the beginner write every topic in their blog. It’s not right whenever you didn’t write about a particular topic because no one can’t understand your blog topic.

Ex-If you write about bodybuilding then you should write about only bodybuilding, Don’t include any other topic on your blog. After getting some visitors, You can write about a similar topic on your blog which is related to your niche like fitness.

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Competitor Popular Topic

It is the best way to find a trendy and popular topic. You can research your competitor blog and find popular blogs. You can find this by two methods.

Just go on the competitor blog and find popular posts. otherwise, go to any competitor research tools and find the most traffic articles of competitor blogs. Analyze those topics and write an article about that topic (Don’t copy).

Searching topics

It means you should write about those topics which are searched most. When you write about the most searched topic then your blog can easily get visitors. But before writing, you need to find the most searched topic. You can use any keyword research tools for finding this.

Use Creativity

If you want more clicks on your articles then you should add some creativity in your article headline, Think like visitors. How they find your article or search intent of your visitors. Before choosing a headline, analyze the top 10 articles in google of your keyword. The headline is the first impression of your article.

Easy to Read Posts

Your post is the best when readers can easily read your article without any confusion. You should use

  • Short Paragraph– Readers can easily read your article when you write a short paragraph article. No one wants to read the long paragraph.
  • Formatting– Formatting is compulsory if you want to show the best user interface. You can use bold, Italics, quotes, color, and many other writing tools.
  • Multimedia– You should insert some good images, gifs, videos on your article to make better and good quality posts.

Apply On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is most important for every blog or article. It helps to achieve a high ranking in search results. On-Page Seo includes heading formation(tags), Keywords, description, labels, image SEO, etc. You should do all on-page SEO work. Mainly keywords. The keyword is the most important part in on-page SEO. 

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Promote Blog

Blog promotion is essential if you want to be a successful blogger. You can promote your blog on social media, forums, etc. It can help to increase your blog visitors and also make your blog as a brand name. Whenever you write a new article then post those article on social media like Facebook and Pinterest.

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