How to Make a Blog for Beginners?

A Blog is a place where anyone can share their information online. Nowadays, All people want to start their own blogs because those have knowledge and information.

When you want to start a blog you need-

  • Topic

  • Domain name

  • Platform

  • Theme and Design

  • Content

Blogging Steps-

how to make a blog
how to make a blog

Blog Topic

You should use the perfect topic for your blog. Most people choose profitable niches which help you to earn money easily but it’s not right because after some time you can’t write about that topic. You should use your interesting topics which are easily written. Otherwise, you can choose a topic according to competition and traffic.

Domain name

The domain name is the name which helps to find your site online. You should choose a small name size around 4-14 words domain name which can easily speakable, writable, and understandable. You can choose your domain name according to your niche. A domain name presents your brand name.

Blog Platforms

The blog can be made on different platforms like blogger, WordPress, Wix. First, you should select a platform to make your perfect blog. I also described bloggers and WordPress information in my blog. Blogger and WordPress are the two most used platform for blogging.


Blogger is the beginner platform for blogging mainly. If you are a newbie then you can use a blogger. It is hosted by Google which gives you the best security and free SSL. You should try this first on your blogging carrier. If you have an investment then you can go with WordPress.

wordpress logo

WordPress is perfect if you want to make a carrier in blogging. WordPress plugin feature is amazing which helps to do work easily. But if you want to use it then you need hosting where you can install WordPress and make a post. You can also transfer your blogger blog to WordPress.

Choose Theme

The theme helps to interact with your reader and make the best user interface. If your theme has good loading speed and theme is optimized then your SEO work goes easy. Choose the best and optimized theme.

After choosing them you should customize your theme according to your topic and website need. You can add footers, headers, logo, menu, sidebar, and many more. It can help to find things easily with one click. ex- If any person wants to check a particular category then those can easily found the category on the Menu or Sidebar.

Write Content

After complete the setup of your blog, you need to write content for your blog. Content is the king of your blogs, you should write the informational, and unique content to achieve a high rank in the search engine result page. when you write content then you should apply on-page SEO on content. on-page SEO parts like Optimized title, description, keywords, permalink, and more.

After making a blog, you need to do complete on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO. It’s very important for every website, it helps to grow your blogging easily.

When you properly grew your blog then you can monetize your blog. You can monetize your blog by affiliate marketing or show ads on the blog. Adsense and platforms displaying ads on your blog and helps to earn money easily. You need to take the approval of this before starting.

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