Migrate Your Blog From Blogger to WordPress

Blogger is a Free platform when you learned blogging from Blogger.com then you should transfer your Blog from Blogger to WordPress. You want to make a career in blogging then you should choose WordPress. WordPress has many special features compared to Blogger.

Remember these points to shift Blogger to WordPress-

  • Don’t delete your Blogger.com blog.
  • Use 301 Permanent Redirection. It helps to Inform the search engines that your blog is moved to a new platform.
  • Backup Blogger
  • Migrate Feedburner feeds.
  • Change the Permalink setting.
Migrate blogger to wordpress

Follow steps to Migrate Blogger to WordPress

Export your Blogger Blog

It is the First step to Migrate your Blog.

  • Log in your Blogger blog
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on other Section
backup blogger
backup blogger
  • Click on Backup content a download file on your computer. It is Your blog content (posts, pages & Comment)

Import in WordPress

  • Log in your WordPress admin
  • Go to tools.
  • Click on Import section
  • You see Blogger option click on install now.
install blogger
install blogger
  • Click on Run Importer
  • you need to click on choose file
choose import file
Import file
  • Import those file which you exported from blogger
  • After uploading the file you need to click on upload file and import.

Permalink Setting

You need to set up your Permalink on WordPress

  • Click on the setting.
  • Go to Permalink setting
  • Click on Month and Name
  • Save settings

Redirection setting

  • Installed a new plugin which name is (Blogger to WordPress)
  • After going to Tools
  • Select Blogger to WordPress Redirection.
Blogger to WordPress Redirection
Blogger to WordPress Redirection
  • Click on Start Configuration and you get your blogger blog name.
  • Click on Get Code and generate Code automatically.

Redirection configuration

  • Select and copy all code
  • Go to blogger.com
  • Click on theme Setting
  • Revert to classic theme and Edit Html.
  • select all code (Ctrl+A) and Replace code with WordPress code.
  • Save theme.
  • Go to WordPress and click on verify Configuration.

It helps to redirect your blogger blog to the WordPress blog.

.Html Setting

  • Install .html after Url plugin in WordPress.
  • After Plugin activate Go to Permalink Setting
  • Click on custom structure
  • Add .html after URL (https://www.earlynatural.com/%postname%.html)
  • Click on Save changes

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