How to Create a Unique and Original Article?

A Unique article is very important in Blogs. It is a main part of Blogging because your blog is based on your article. The blog is an Online dairy and a group of Posts.

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How to create a unique and Original article

What is a Unique Article?

Unique Article/Post means which is different from Another article/post. If your content is new that means you write an Original and Unique article. If you write your own story and add your creativity in the article then also your Article is original and Unique.

Why Unique Article is Important?

Unique Article is important to rank highly in SERP (search engine result Page). If you want to rank then you always write a Unique article because Search Robot checks your Post Uniqueness and Rank your post according to your Post Uniqueness and length. Visitors Always want to see a unique and different answer to their Question. If every Post saw the same article then visitors do not want to see every post. Sometimes all lines are not the same and exact in the article.

Remember Points of write a unique and Original Article-

  • Pick Your Topic
  • Keyword Research
  • Know your Audience
  • Use Title and Headings
  • Readable Article
  • Add Images
  • Add Internal and External Links
  • Use Bullets, Bold Text, Text Style, Quotes

Pick Your Topic

Before Writing a Blog Post you need to pick your Topic. Always think like a visitor what Visitor wants to see in your blog. You can choose your Topic like a Questions and Give their Answer in your article and also Describe what is it or How is it?

Keywords Research

It is very important to write a Unique blog post because it helps to rank your post. Ex- If anyone searches “New Blog Topic” and you use this keyword in your Blog and your post is ranked in this keyword then the search engine result page shows your post. Always use a large number of keywords in your article. You can choose low competition keywords to rank easily. Before writing a post you should search your topic-related keywords. You can take help by keyword research tools to find the perfect keyword.

Know your Audience

Before start to write a blog, You need to know your Audience/Visitors. What they are looking for. Always First, you should think like a visitor and think about what you want to found in this blog post.

Use Title and Headings

Title is the first impression of your post visitors. You should make your title curious and Informative because if a visitor sees your title then it feels curious to know more and want to read your article. Heading is important in the blog posts. You should use Heading 1, Heading 2/ subheading and more headings. Structure is very important in the whole article. so that headings make a good structure. You should always use only 1 H1. headings represent the key concepts and supporting ideas in the Article. It helps to find the main points from the whole article.

Readable Article

Readable Article is important to visitors. If your article is readable then visitors read all articles.

Write Clear Article– Always write a clear article. Start Paragraph with Important points to make a perfect paragraph for Visitors.

Limit Difficulty– Difficult word is Hard to read and understand. If possible then you should use less difficult words to make a readable article.

Short Sentence– Short sentence is easier to read and understand. Make sure you used only sentences of 20 words. Each Language has own words limit.

Use Variation– Not repeat the same line in articles. Not use alternative line repeat. always try to use variation Line.

Add Images

Images are essential in every article. It helps to make a beautiful article. You should always use images in your article. Some time Visitors are attracted to images and read the full articles. Many people read your article with your article’s written image. You can use a normal image but some images show you about a full article. Don’t use high size image because it reduces your page speed. Many tools are available to reduce your image size without reduce your image quality.

Add Internal and External Links

You should use Internal linking and external linking in your article. It is an On-page SEO Factor. Those hyperlink that directs the reader to the target page on your website is called Internal Link. Those hyperlinks that direct the reader to a reputable page on a different website is called External Link.

Use Bullets, Bold Text, Text Style

All are important to make a beautiful article. You can use Bullets if you describe any topic in points. Bold Text show important Sentence of your Article, It is like a highlighter. You use different Text style to make a better design of your article. You can also use colors to highlight important sentences.

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