What is Anchor Text, Types, Anchor Text vs Hyperlink

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is the clickable text which sends you to another article.

<a href="http://www.example.com">Example </a>

Hyperlink vs Anchor Text

Hyperlink and Anchor Text are not different. Hyperlinks are links that transfer you to one page to another. According to Expert,

<a href=”http://www.example.com“> =        This is Hyperlink

Example word</a>                             =                   This is Anchor Text

Anchor Text Types

what is anchor text
anchor text types

Exact match 

It is a king of all anchor text. It shows the exact match of your keywords. Ex- Blogger wants to know about Seo. ‘SEO‘ is an exact keyword.


It connects with any brand name text which helps to find more about the brand. Example- You can learning Blogging from BlogsKnowledge. “Blogsknowledge” is a Brand name.

Partial Match

It includes a variation of keywords linked with another page. Keywords are “news report”

  • My ‘news report’ Summary
  • special ‘news report’ article
  • Also read this ‘news report’ guide


Generic text is used as the anchor text. like- click here, read more, read also.

Naked link

Any Anchor text that used as naked Url. Example

  • https://www.earlynatural.com
  • www. earlynatural.com
  • earlynatural.com.

Image Text

Your Page image Alt Text is Image anchor text. Google use image alt txt as anchor text.

Practices of Good Anchor text

  • The link must Provide value for users.
  • Don’t try to fool your users from Text.
  • Don’t use the same A.r. text again.
  • Use intelligent text as a Hyperlink text.
  • Make sure visitors can easily see the links in your content.
  • Use minimum Anchor texts in a post.

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