What is On-Page SEO and Its Factors

What is ON-Page SEO?

It is a search engine optimization technique that helps to identify, what your page about. It’s part of SEO. If you want a higher rank in the search engine then you should do SEO (On-Page SEO). It is also called the practice of optimizing web pages to achieve a higher rank. It helps to increase organic traffic on your website. On-Page SEO optimizes your page headlines, HTML Tag, title, Meta Tag, Images, Url’s, Keywords, internal link, external links, social sharing, page optimization, and mobile-friendliness.

Why On-Page SEO is Important?

It is important because it helps search engines to understand your website page content and structure. If you want to rank higher and gain your website visitor then you need to do On-Page SEO. It is a factor of SEO. On-Page SEO makes better user experience and improves page structure. It can help to make easily read and best interface of Page.

If you use WordPress then you should use Yoast SEO. It helps to do better On-Page SEO of your website. Yoast SEO helps to Optimize your Title, content, headings, description, keywords, readability. It is a freemium On-Page SEO tool.


On-Page SEO Factors

Use Main keywords and Modifiers in Post titles

You should add the content Main keywords in your Post Title. It helps to rank your post easily. You can use some attractive language in Title because the title is the First impression of Your Page.

Make Clean and Short Url

You should keep a clean and short URL to understand easily. Always use the Primary Keyword in Url. It makes friendly Url and search engines can easily crawl your Website.

Add Primary Keywords

  • You need to add primary keywords in the First and Last Paragraphs to rank your page easily. It helps to increase keyword density in your post. Sometimes visitors read only the first and the last paragraphs.
  • Use only 0.6% of the primary keyword in a post.
  • Add primary keywords in Meta title and description to increased Traffic.
  • Keep 0.2% to 0.6% secondary keyword density.


Always use all headings if Possible and use only one heading1. If you are not using only one h1 then google crawler is confused about your post and does not crawl properly. Use primary keywords in Headings and Subheadings to rank easily. Headings and subheading help to distribute your steps and visitors can easily found a particular specific topic.


Always use short paragraphs in content. It helps to improve user experience and also improve readability. If you make a long paragraph then the user is confused and doesn’t want to read your post.

Image SEO

It is an important factor in On-Page SEO. You should always do Image Optimization

  • Add Alt tag in images and use primary keywords in the alt tag of images.
  • Compress your image size. If your image size is bigger then they reduced your page speed.
  • Add a description of Images.

Use Editor

You can use your post editor to make beautiful and clear content. You can use Bold to highlight any important words. Use Color to show a Special line. You can also change the font style. Use underline for important words.

Add Social Share

You can add the Social share button on your page. If people share your page on social media then you gain more traffic. It also helps to increase your brand popularity.

Improve your PageSpeed

It is the most important and useful Seo Technique. It helps to increase your ranking in search engines. Always Check your Pagespeed. You can check your page speed in pagespeed tool. make better your page speed to achieve a higher ranking. You should compress your image and reduce additional editing (Html, CSS, Javascript).

Improve Bounce Rate

Improve your page Bounce rate. If anyone clicks on your website and exit immediately (without reading anything) then it is a bounce rate problem. Give Unique content, High-quality content, and Long content to users.

External and Internal Link

It is also an important factor of On-Page SEO. If you attached your website page to another website page then it is called external link. It also helps to increase your page authority and domain authority. If you Link your website one page to another, it is called an internal link. It helps to increase your other page traffic.

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