Most Important Factors to make Perfect Image SEO

Image Seo is very important for all blogs and websites. It helps to optimize the images on your site and also helpful for search engines to ‘read’ and find what describes your images. It is a part of On-Page SEO. Its elements are Image type, load time, usage, size, alt text, names, keywords.

Image optimization is important because it helps to improve page speed and user interface. Pagespeed is a ranking factor that helps to increase traffic on your site. Some time Visitors come from images on your site. when I started a blog, I Didn’t focus on image SEO but it is Important because every small SEO activity is important for a blog.

Image SEO factors

Image Seo
Important factor of Image SEO

Compress Image Size

Image size is the most important factor of Image SEO. If you didn’t use the right image size then its gave bad effects on SEO. Image size helps to improve your Pagespeed (Page speed is a ranking factor). If you use low size images with high quality then your page loads fast. Heavy size images take time in load. You should compress your image size. You can compress your images with tools and plugins.

If you use WordPress then you can use plugins to compress your images. Plugins make easy your work. Most used Image compress plugins are Shortpixel, Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer. It compresses your images with better quality. In Blogger, you can use tools to compress your images but some tools lose your image quality. Don’t reduce more size of images. Blogger store ‘img’ in a safe place.

Choose the right Image Format

Image formats like jpeg, Png, Gifs helps to improve the user interface. I was also doing this mistake before I start a blog. Right image formats depends on your image topic. Jpeg and Png is mostly used formats in sites. Png has better quality images with large file size and Jpeg has a low-quality image and small file size. You can adjust the quality and size of images easily.

  • PNG is used for drawings, text, and iconic graphics type images.
  • JPEG is mainly used for Photographs type images.

Use Unique Images

You should always use unique images, it helps to improve your website reputation and rank easily. If you use Copyright images then the image owner has the right to complain against your site. Also, add creativity in your images. If possible, then you should make infographic images. Infographics help to attract more visitors.

Use Alt. Text

Alt text (alternative text) is an HTML attribute added in the ‘img’ tag which is mainly used to display images on pages. Sometimes images are not loaded properly then the search engine uses your image alt. text to show you images. It is like plain HTML code.

<img src="/samsung_mobile.jpeg" alt="A Samsung Mobile" />

It is also the most important factor in Image SEO.  You should use image related Keywords, use Seo-Friendly text, and always fill image alt text. Don’t use out of post words in the image alt text.

Optimize Image Title, Description, and Caption

Optimization of Image title, description, and the caption is Important. You should add keywords in title, description, and caption. You should add the title properly. The description is like a summary that describes your images. You can add a small summary in the image description. Image Caption show in the post images below which describe some lines about your images.

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