What is a Blogger and Blogging for Beginners

What is a Blogger?

Blogger is a free and fast platform to start blogging. If you want to start and learning blogging then you should use Blogger.com because it is a free platform for all. Blogger is a blog making platform that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries. One user can make up to 100 blogs per account.

It is a google product and developed by Pyra Labs. When I started blogging then I also choosed Blogger.com. It is easy to use and operate. It is a trusted platform that gave you special features.

You can easily run a blog and easily use its setting to compare it than other blog platforms. WordPress runs all projects like sites, yet a few things are restricted in Blogger.

Blogger.com webpage blog in the Present Millions of thousands of individuals have made their blog for nothing and pass on their insight to one another. Alongside being free, Google declared a free blog for its lifetime. It has been perceived everywhere throughout the world, and no one but Google can begin the approach.

What is Blogger and blogger benefits
Blogger Benefits

Blogger Benefits

Free Subdomain

If you use Blogger.com then you can use its subdomain xyzblogspot.com. You can learn from a free subdomain and free Blogging platform. After learning you can choose your own domain in your blog.

Free SSL Certificate

It gives you a free SSL certificate which is most important in Blogging. Free SSL certificate looks like this Https (HyperText Transfer Protocol), but without SSL your website link shows only Http. SSL certificate makes sure your website is secure. It also helps in ranking. Other Blogging platforms does not give a free SSL certificate.

High Pagespeed

It does not use any additional design, java, CSS. Additional things decrease your page speed. It helps to easily increase your page speed and you can also use Mobile theme and also increase your mobile page speed.

Unlimited Space

It provides you unlimited Space to grow your blog. All blogging platforms do not giving unlimited space. If you want extra space in other blog platforms then you need to buy additional space in hosting. If you have unlimited space then you can easily grow your blog without any fear. You can also add unlimited Blogs from one user Id.

No Hosting

It does not require any hosting. Google host your blog for free in Blogger. If you use Other Blogging platforms then Hosting is compulsory to start a blog. Hosting is very costly if you buy high-quality hosting.

No Hacking

Anyone can not hack your Blog in Blogger because it hosts by google. Anyone can not hack google easily.

Blogger gives you some special Template to start your Blog Easily. You can easily customize your Blog theme. It has different templates-

  • Contempo
  • Soho
  • Emporio
  • Notable
  • Essential
  • Simple
  • Dynamic Views
  • Picture Window
  • Awesome Inc.
  • Watermark
  • Ethereal
  • Travel

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