How to setup Custom Domain in Blogger?

If you use and you used the Blogspot domain then You should need to Set the Custom domain name in Blogger. Blogger is a free platform but you should add some particular Domain name to make a popular and best blog.

Setup custom domain
Setup custom domain

A domain name is the main name of your website which helps to find your website in a worldwide web network. It is a necessary element to start a blog and website. Free domain name and custom domain name have a main difference.

Custom domain name Benefits

  • You have a better introduction to web search tools. Web search tools (particularly Google) like to connect to root spaces instead of or areas.
  • You can likewise expand your odds of getting an endorsement for your AdSense account.
  • Provided a contact email like as opposed to a Gmail or Yahoo email.
  • You can plug your space name effortlessly as opposed to stating a long name.
  • Root level areas are much progressively dependable according to clients. In the event that you are attempting to bring in cash blogging, you’ll have a lot simpler time with a custom area than you would with a free sub-space.

Process of Setup a Custom Domain in Blogger

Step-1: After the Purchase of Domain Name, You Should Go to the basic setting.

Publishing <> Blog Address <> Click on Setup a 3rd party URL.

Step-2: Click on setup a 3rd Party Url and add the domain name. You need to add a domain with www as a prefix.

setup domain name
setup domain name

Step-3: Setting your CNAME and A record for Blogspot custom Domain Name.

Go to Godaddy domain name > Go to product> select your Domain Name > Click on Add DNS

Godaddy domain
Godaddy domain

Step-4: Add Zone Record- select CNAME record & add both the record one by one from your BlogSpot setting screen. You can see images-

Step-5: Add one more and copy the second CNAME record

GoDaddy connect

Step:6– You need to add 4 I.P. Addresses into your A record.

i.p. record
i.p. record

Four I.P. Address like this

Step-7: You need to tick on Redirect


After you set all settings. You should wait some time because its process takes time.

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