Top 9 Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers

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Blogger is a Free Platform to create Blogs. It provides unlimited space, free SSL certificate. Blogger is a google product and developed in Pyra Labs. You can make multi blogs on the blogger platform.

Most people start their blogging in bloggers because it’s a free platform, and it is perfect for beginner bloggers. I also started with bloggers because I didn’t know about blogging. After learning, I transfer my blog blogger to WordPress because the blogger is free but not give all features to achieve a perfect position. If you use Blogger, then you need to use some SEO tips in Blogger. SEO is very important for every blog. SEO helps to increase visitors and achieve a higher ranking search engine result page.

Top 9 Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers
Top 9 Blogspot SEO Tips For bloggers

Blogspot SEO Tips for Bloggers

Blog Post Title

Post Title is very important for every blog because it shows what information gives your post. Many Audiences attracts to your blog from your post title. You can use the attractive and curious title in the post. Don’t use more than  50 characters in Title.

Use Post making Tools

When you write your blog post then you can see the options Bold, italic, Underline, Bulleted list, table, Text color, font type, Paragraph format, Text color. You can use these tools to make a perfect blog. If you want to show your blog attractive then you need to use all tools. Attractive post always increase visitor spend time on your post. 

Blogger Permalink Setting

Permalink is the most important thing on your Blog. It plays an important role to rank your post in search engines. When you write a blog post then Blogger gives you the option to edit Permalink. You can see the option on the right side (Automatic Permalink and Custom permalink) click on custom permalink to change the permalink.

Blogger Permalink Setting
Blogger Permalink Setting
  • Use your post keywords in Permalink.
  • Don’t Use Stop words (A, An, The, Of)
  • Make short Permalink

Use Labels

Labels help to find your post easily. It separates your blog posts in different categories. If you do not use labels then all posts seem like the same and anyone can’t find a specific category post. Same Categories posts also affect the related post widget.

Balance Keyword Density

Keywords are very important to achieve a high rank in the search engine result page. Keyword density is the On-Page SEO part. You should use only 0.6% of the primary keyword and 0.2% to 0.6% secondary keyword density in post.

Don’t over-optimize keywords in your post. More keywords confuse search engines. After finish your post, you need to check the whole post and analyze your keyword density.

Blogger Image SEO

Image SEO is the On-Page SEO part. Some visitors come from an image in your blog. If you do properly Image SEO then it helps to rank your post. Blogger is automatically compressed your Image size. You should use low image size because it affects your page speed. You should use alt text and title text in the image. The alt text of the image helps search engine to know what describe your image.

Post Comments

Your blogs post-receive some good comments from readers but some time you receive spam comments in your post. If you want to prevent spam comments, then you need to mark your comments section as “no follow”.

Nofollow Links

Links that have their HTML tag as rel=”nofollow” are named as Nofollow links. Including this tag just tells search engines that they should disregard that specific connection. These links are generally far-fetched to affect rankings on search engines as they are precluded from passing PageRank. Nofollow keeps outer links from affecting the nature of the post to its search engine ranking.

Search Description

You should add a search description of Post. When visitors see your post in the search engine than those see the search description of the post. It is a very affect technique to increase the click rate of your blog.

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