What is Internet, History, Controls, FAQ’S?

The Internet is the broadest network that allows computer networks around the world run by companies, governments, universities, and other organizations to talk to each other.

What is Internet, FAQ, History

Internet History 

It has revolutionized communications and technology around the world. Initially, computerized devices were used only for large industries but later their use increased greatly.

The first step was the intro of host-to-host network interactions. This was first noted in ARPANET in 1969. The next step was to commercialize the use and make transistors and transmitters suitable for smaller devices for the comfortable use of the Internet for the general public which was introduced in the 1970s.

In the 1980s, the TCP/IP approach was adapted by researchers and technologists. In 1993, the web browser was introduced, which followed a point-and-click approach and is now a widely used process for internet users. The late 1990s were the time when thousands of Internet service providers entered the market and most of them were from the United States.

Then came the twenty-first century with the integration of technology and the possibility of wireless Internet access for its users. The Internet is one such commodity that has made lives easier and brought at a wider pace for development across the globe.

Who invented the internet?

The Internet consists of technologies that are developed by different individuals and organizations. VIPs include Robert W. Taylor, who led the ARPANET development, an early prototype of the Internet, and Venton Cerf and Robert Kahn, who developed the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) / and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies.

Who controls the Internet?

The internet is theoretically decentralized and thus not controlled by any single entity, many argue that tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google represent a small focus of organizations that have an unprecedented impact on information and money on the Internet.

Pros and cons of using the Internet :

The Internet has made life easy and comfortable and also it is part of our daily life.  Everything has there own pros and cons so let’s discuss the uses of the internet, along with some of the negatives-

Cons :

Dependency: People’s tries to depend on searching for things and information online has increased dramatically since the advent of the Internet and its ease of access.

Cybercrime: People do not only use the Internet for learning purposes, cybercrime has also been on the rise due to the readily available resources.

Distraction: It takes our allotment to attract people who can easily find online content, games, interesting information, etc. on the Internet which can be a cause for distraction.

Bullying and Phishing: Online platforms are used for unethical practices such as bullying and phishing.

Time Killing: If you addict to use the internet, it eats a lot of time to spend on it because the internet has to attract users and it has all types of related content to be in good and bad usage.

Pros :

Easy access to information: Information about anything and everything is available on the Internet. The internet makes it easy to learn about new things at any time and get details on various topics, regardless of time and place.

Online education platform: With advanced technology, even students and adults want to learn new things and gain knowledge in various internet portals, accessing them becomes more accessible.

A Platform to Become an Entrepreneur: Today, thousands of people start their own websites and get good businesses and users/clients by creating their websites and selling products or services. This became available due to the internet connection.

Lower Distance Coefficient: Social media has reduced distance between people as communication becomes much easier due to internet connection.

Saves time: There are plenty of examples related to this like online payments, route to unknown places, information sharing, feels like the whole world in our hands.


What is Internet?

It is a  global system of interconnected computers, using a unified IP suite to communicate and share information, is called the Internet.

What is ISP?

ISP stands for Internet Service Provider. This helps provide direct access to use the Internet from your office or home or connected via landlines. 

What is “www” (World Wide Web)?

The World Wide Web is a collection of web pages that can be easily published on the Internet and read by millions of users. 

How many people are online?

One of the standards common to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), considers the connection to the Internet as having used the Internet in the past four years.

 According to this measure, about 3.58 billion in 2017. The number should reach 3.8 billion in 2018. The number reaches 3.97 billion in 2019. It has grown to use the internet has grown to 4.54 billion in 2020.

It may take around 50% of the world to use the internet in 2021.

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