Best 3 Internal Linking Plugins and Feature

Internal linking is important for every blog. It is an On-page SEO factor which helps to achieve high ranking in search engine. Right interlinking also helps to improve the bounce rate.

You can do internal linking without any help of a plugin but you can’t do proper interlinking without a plugin. The plugin gives you a better suggestion for linking and easily do any work.

Internal Linking PLugins
Internal Linking PLugins

It can grow your all posts traffic easily. If any post of your blog is ranking then it can give a good effect on all posts because you link all posts to each other.

When visitors read those post and they want to know about an article in brief which is connected to others then those can click on those and read the whole article easily. It also helps in crawling by crawl your other posts.

Internal Linking Plugins

Links Whisper

It is an Advanced Internal linking plugin, compare to others. After installing it, it scans your whole website and starts giving suggestions for linking. 

Link Whisper logo
Link Whisper logo


Link Whisper is available in both free or paid version. You can add ignored words for linking. It can improve your linking strategy. 

 Internal Linking Building

This is the best plugin but different from Link Whisper. In this, you can link particular text without going on post-editing

Internal Linking Building
Internal Linking Building


For example- You can choose any text like “Seo” in them and link it with your “Seo post link”. It automatically interlinks your all post which contains “SEO” with “SEO post link”. This is helpful, if you have a blog that has huge content, it also helps to save your time. 

WordPress Default Interlinking Feature

WordPress default feature gives you the option to interlink your blog posts. Just select a text and click on the insert link, it gave you the option to link. If you want more feature then click on the setting icon, which looks like this-

Wordpress default interlink
WordPress default interlink


Search any text and select any post, page, categories to link with text. It’s the best method of interlinking without any plugin.

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