Why Choose the UpdraftPlus Plugin?

UpdraftPlus Plugin is a web-based software that provides for the scheduling of remote location backups. The plugin has been designed by keeping them in mind the need for an intuitive user interface and providing maximum flexibility at the same time.

UpdraftPlus is able to perform automatic scheduled backups of the website’s database on a regular basis so that the site can function normally even without the full availability of admin. This review highlights some of the pros and cons of the UpdraftPlus Plugin for WordPress.

UpdraftPlus Plugin Review

updraftPlus Plugin

UpdraftPlus plugin can be used to automatically schedule backups of the entire database of the website. This happens in a few different ways. Scheduling a Backup can be done by clicking ‘schedule backup’ under the settings option in the setup tab of the plugin. It can also be set by using the ‘backup’ link in the ‘general’ settings’ option of the plugin. Apart from this, you can use the manual backup option by selecting it under the ‘manual backup’ option of the setup menu of the plugin.


While UpdraftPlus provides for easy scheduling of remote backups, there are certain inherent limitations of the same. One of these limitations is the limitation of the size of the database file. While the plugin offers millions of active database backups at the WordPress Administration Panel, it does not have any feature to make the backup files larger. Thus, while the UpdraftPlus plugin enables you to restore the database file to the current state in the case of any disaster, it cannot automatically make the backup bigger.

Many people might like the ability to add new post fields while adding new pages. You can do this using the ‘add new fields’ option in the setup tab of the updraftplus plugin. But, while doing this you will find out that there are some problems with the updraftplus plugin. If you try and open an account using your PayPal account, you will find out that you are not able to receive some payments due to PayPal’s terms and conditions. The reason for this problem is that PayPal requires that all payments be made using a gateway website like Paydotcom.

There are several other limitations as well. For example, the updraftplus plugin is unable to compress the backups on its own and hence you will find out that the size of the backup file increases considerably. Another limitation is that the plugin offers limited options when it comes to creating backups. Apart from providing only the normal name, full path and size of the backup file, it also does not provide you with the ability to rename the backup. Thus, in case you intend to perform a secure backup, you will find that it is impossible to change the backup name.

An extremely popular open-source project, WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform. The WordPress package also includes the handy WordPress updraft plus plugin. This free version plugin allows you to create unlimited scheduled backups of your entire website automatically at scheduled intervals. If you use the free version of the plugin, you will need to enter a user ID and password in order to access the scheduled backup option. You can view your scheduled backup files and even delete them by clicking the “Delete” link that appears next to the backup file name.

While using the free version of the plugin, you will need to enter your Yahoo or google drive ID if you have registered these as authorized users in your Google or Yahoo account respectively. With the option of creating unlimited scheduled backups, this WordPress plugin is highly useful if you wish to make use of this feature for a long time. In fact, many business owners are making use of the WordPress updraft plus backup solution for achieving multiple objectives. Since the WordPress backup solution can be used for free, you do not have to pay the plugin provider for the purpose of purchasing the software.

Check the UpdraftPlus Plugin

For those who are unfamiliar with WordPress, the WordPress backup plugin is a popular solution for creating a backup system on the back-end of your website. The plugin enables you to save all your important website content into a database. Moreover, the WordPress backup solution also enables you to create a backup of your website template in the remote location. To ensure that your website remains secure, you can also set the WordPress backup plugin to run on a regular basis. Thus, you can always ensure that your website is always backed up.

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