Avoid these 7 Web Designing Mistakes

Web Designing is not easy work. It takes time and needs some creativity if you want to make the best website. Website designing not only designing work.

When anyone makes a website, it remember about user interface user experience, and also SEO because all are important.

Most of the people just choose themes and editing some designs and adding some images. Your website designing is matter for your website. You should avoid these mistakes.

Avoid these in Web Designing Mistakes

web designing mistakes
web designing mistakes

Poor Navigation

It is the most common mistake when you make a website. Anyone can not use your website if you didn’t describe anything in the right way. Visitors didn’t want to click on your poor navigation website.

You should give a gap on your clickable element, gaps in every element, set sequence wise, use text size according to importance.

High Pagespeed

Pagespeed is the most important factor in SEO. when you make a website you didn’t focus on pagespeed. Always you shouldn’t use high-quality images, heavy files, extra files (HTML, CSS).

After use themes, you should use minify or compression plugins which help to reduce file size and minify CSS, Java, HTML.

If your site load in three seconds or less then visitors can easily access your website otherwise those has many other websites. Use the fast loading and good speed theme.

Non-Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly site is compulsory for every website because most of the users are use mobiles to open any site. But most of the people focus on mobile-friendly sites.

If you didn’t make a mobile-friendly site then its look like a garbage site in mobile view. You should give focus on this and test your site. You can check your site mobile friendly test on the google tool.

Heading Tag

Heading Tags is important if you want search engine crawler crawl your website. It is the biggest mistake because headings is very important factor according to SEO. Mainly ‘heading 1’ tag in Homepage. Always include heading 1 in every page. H1 tag define your page content.

Large Size Images

Images can make a good interface of your site. But also image size is issue in pagespeed. If your images size is larger then it increase your pagespeed which is not good for any site. Always compress and resize images according to need before apply on site.

Confusing Pop-ups

Pop-ups can confuse your visitors if you didn’t set pop-ups on the right way. If Pop-ups is not compulsory then don’t use pop-ups because it gave bad effect on the user interface and also in pagespeed. If its compulsory then use this in small size and  right place.

Infinite Scroll

Don’t ever make website with infinity scroll. It confuse your visitors and also confusing search engine crawlers. It’s didn’t look like good if you want to show all content in one page.

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