How to Create High-performing WordPress Templates

Whilst custom made themes are always going to be a priority, at least some of the times, pre-built WordPress themes serve a useful purpose. For example, you may want to use a WordPress blog for promoting your business. With the many different pre-built WordPress themes, such as The Guardian and The New York Times, there is bound to be something that suits your personal style.

Unfortunately, not everything is necessarily a winner when it comes to blogging, especially when it comes to marketing. While WordPress blogs have the advantage of being highly customizable and very easy to install, the disadvantages can make them appear less than user friendly in certain situations.

create high performing wordpress template
create high performing wordpress template

WordPress Themes Advantages

Another thing that WordPress has that its competitors do not have is themes integration. WordPress allows you to integrate a wide range of plug-ins into one theme making it very easy to customise your site and provide a seamless experience for your customer. However, many of these plugins are not supported by some of the more popular WordPress themes.

Themes are provided as part of the WordPress installation and need to be enabled by the user in order to use them. Not all plug-ins can be installed this way and this means that your themes will not be as customized as they could be if a developer had supported them.

Many WordPress users are under the impression that they can integrate pretty much any plugin or theme with their blogs and sites. This is not true however, WordPress developers have traditionally included just a small number of very basic functions within every theme designed.

This is frustrating for those who want to be able to fully integrate various plugins into their wordpress blog posts and websites. If you are developing a WordPress blog then there is no point in writing your blog posts with code from scratch unless you want the final result to look exactly like what you saw in your wordpress theme.

Wordpress default theme image
WordPress default theme image

Fortunately, there are options open to you when developing wordpress themes. One such option is to integrate your WordPress template with an image library. By using the right type of plugin for your requirements, you can place any image or theme specifics right within your WordPress template. All you will need to do then is to include the code supplied by the plugin within your template.

WordPress Themes Disadvantages

One of the most common mistakes made by bloggers is overloading their blogs with text and graphics. This will detract from the quality of your content and can also decrease the SEO ranking of your website. Many of the free WordPress websites include a default layout that may be unsuitable for your purposes. Customized wordpress websites can be made to fit almost any purpose. However, there are a few disadvantages that can affect your website builders.

Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages of a wordpress site is that it is generally difficult to update. Most WordPress users do not have the ability to update WordPress themselves and rely on third-party developers to fix problems and update functionality.

In addition to this, there are a number of plugins that have been developed by amateur coders and this can cause major issues with your SEO ranks. An in-depth look at the WordPress themes community shows a number of drawbacks including low technical support and low standards of general code quality. These factors can work against WordPress websites and make them far more of a hassle to maintain than their more flexible competitors.

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