What is Google Analytics, its Use, and Install Process

It is a web examination administration that gives measurements and fundamental scientific devices for web optimization and advertising purposes. The assistance is essential for the Google Showcasing Stage and is accessible for nothing to anybody with a Google account.

It is utilized to follow site execution and gather guest experiences. It can assist associations with deciding top wellsprings of client traffic, check the accomplishment of their promoting exercises and missions, track objective culminations to find examples and patterns in client commitment and acquire other guest data like social economics.

Mostly small and medium-sized retail sites regularly use Google analytic to get and dissect different clients behaviour, which can be utilized to improve advertising efforts, drive site traffic and better hold guests.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Why you need Google analytics?

For blog writers and article writers and for static sites, google authenticates they must need this one.

  • What number of individuals visit my site?
  • Where do my visitors live?
  • Do I require a versatile agreeable site?
  • What sites send traffic to my site?
  • Which pages on my site are the most famous?
  • What number of visitors visit my website?
  • How might I improve my site’s speed?
  • What blog content do my guests like the most?

Main Reasons To Use Google Analytics 

  • Mainly it is free
  • It is automatically collect data
  • Create customization reports
  • Easy to with other tools and different platforms
  • Ability to measure internal site search
  • Why visitors did not spend more time on your website( They leaves early by not getting full information)
  • To know the visitor’s gender age and location
  • To which social media to perform
  • It tells what type of content in your website
  • To check your achieving goals

How To Install Google Analytic 

The simple and easy method to install Google Analytics is the Monster Insight plugin. But if you know code then just simple, copy the tracking code and paste it in the header of your theme. It is the most popular Google Analytics plugin for WordPress and also it is very easy to use and also to add for  Google Analytics to WordPress

  • Install Monster Insight plugin and activate it
  • Later the plugin added to your label in the WordPress menu, click on it then it tends to the Monster Insight setup page.
  • It asks the category of your website select it and click on save
  • Later click on Connect Monster Insight button.
  • The new pop up window will open where you need to add your Google account which you are already signed in previously.
  • Now you will ask Monster Insight to access your Google Analytics account and click on allow
  • And select your profile which you want to track, you need to select your website and click on the complete connection to continue.

Conclusion :

Google Analytics can make wonders for your business in very useful ways and also very useful for the website who build their own and using it it may lead to many more advantages to grown up the site. It tells all information about which niche had good now in the market that way we need to perform. And also it allows needed information to improve your website and makes it the best one.

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