Best 9 Free and Useful Google Tools for Blogging

Bloggers always need some tools to improve their blog performance. Many blog tools are available on the web, but some paid, some is slow and some are fakes. You can use Google tools that are trustable, profitable, and free.

It can help to improve your site SEO, performance, productivity, ranking, content, increase income, and increase visitors. Most People ignore these helpful tools because sometimes those don’t want to work more and sometimes it thinks, these tools are waste. But you should use these tools to make a better blog.

Blogging Tools by Google

Blogging tools by google
Google Blogging tools

Google Search Console

Google search console is one of the best tools which is used by all bloggers. You can also be called it webmaster. It can help you to index your site and improve your search ranking. with the help of google search console, you can learn about all health of your site. It shows all errors of your site. After Analyse the whole website you can repair those.

You should submit an XML sitemap in search console, it helps to discover and crawl your site better by google. Before using it, you need to verify your site in the console. It has many features like-

  • Url Inspection for checking to index of particular URL.
  • Performance which shows you Keyword clicks and impression.
  • Sitemap option to submit sitemaps.
  • Removals option if you want to remove any URL from indexing.
  • Many more which is deeply used sometimes.

Google Analytics

The analytics of your blog is very important to improve your performance. It can help to analyze which post has the most traffic. Many business websites also use it to improve business.

how to install google analytics
install google analytics


It has many features like it can help you to find your audience country, time, particular page traffic, demographic, interest, which browser used by the audience, and traffic source. Also, you can customize and set your own goals. (Install Google Analytics in WordPress?)

Pagespeed Insights

It helps to know your blog page speed. Pagespeed Insights is one of the important factors for your blog. It can improve your user experience and also it is an SEO factor.

Google plagespeed
google pagespeed insights

It shows both results of desktop and mobile each has different speeds. Pagespeed insights also show you what factors increase your page speed and you can improve those easily. (Best Strategy to Increase Website Speed)

Mobile-Friendly Test

Mostly traffic of a blog comes from mobile devices. You should always modify your blog also according to mobile. Mobile-friendly sites promote first in the search engine result page. You should test your theme is an mobile-friendly or not.

If you use WordPress then you can also use an AMP on your site. Amp sites are load very fast and you can also check your amp page is valid or not.

Keyword Planner

The most important point is the keyword research when you make content. Keyword research is most important for a blog. If you are a content marketer then you can use it, it is free. It helps to rank your site on low competition keywords with high traffic. You can find the most traffic keywords by google keyword planner.

Many tools are available in the market but Google keyword planner is the best option for free. It can also help to find post ideas.

Google Sheet, Docs, Forms

Google offers you this type of productivity apps for both desktop and mobile. Its main benefit is sharing, you can share these documents easily with privacy. You can embed this all in your WordPress post. Google docs give you the option to connect your WordPress with docs for easy import. You can make a contact form or quiz in google forms. I also used its form feature in a contact form.

Google Alert

Google Alert sends you an alert when your brand name mentioned anywhere on the web. When you set up it, you receive the emails of alert. If you want to monitor your branding then you can use this tool.


Google translate is the best tool for a beginner blogger. It can helps you to correct your grammar and you can also use it to convert your languages. When I was beginner, I also used it to improve my content. You can change article in any language.

Google Trends

Sometimes bloggers can’t find post ideas, google trends can help you to find the post ideas. It mainly used to find trending searches of the day and year. You can easily find new and trending topics for your blog.

If you have a news website then it is most helpful for you, it gives you ideas of trending news. You can select different countries for searching. When you go its trending search option it also shows you the number of searches. It is interesting for daily use.

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