What Is Local SEO? How It Can Help Your Business to Find Success

In recent times, it has become increasingly vital for small businesses to work smarter and not harder. Local SEO has dramatically changed the face of online marketing and is set to do even more in the future. However, in 2020, it will no longer be enough to just work on search engine optimization. Will it become necessary for you to totally leverage this strategy?

A PDF file of this particular local SEO report presentation is provided at the end of this article. You will find that there are three primary types of local search results.



The first type is pay per click, where the website owner pays Google when someone clicks on the advertisement. The second is local search, where the business has chosen a specific location in which to list its business. And finally, there is a sponsored listing, where a business can join a list sponsored by a specific company or agent. This last type is much more challenging, as it requires the website owner to pay to display in Google local search results, as well as pay to get into the sponsored listing in Google.

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Strategies for Local SEO

With local SEO rankings, the ultimate goal is to get as many local customers as possible. But how does one achieve that? There are a number of effective strategies, but the most important one is to make sure you rank for multiple keywords. As mentioned above, this is vital for Pay Per Click campaigns, but it’s also vital to rank for geographic terms, industry-specific keywords, and regional terms.

For example, if a local business has products or services that are only available in a certain region, it makes sense for them to rank for a geographic phrase instead of a generic industry term. This strategy will result in higher local business rankings and, ultimately, more traffic.

The second strategy that can lead to higher rankings is to make sure you have plenty of citations and backlinks pointing to your site. If a customer wants to find your site, they might search in Google for it, but if they don’t see any links to it, they will not visit your site. However, having lots of links pointing to your site shows that you care about your ranking and are willing to work to get it up. This may take some time, as these efforts are sometimes in progress without a strong backing strategy.

The Third strategy for higher SEO rankings is to submit your website to directory listings. There are a number of free directory submissions out there, including Yahoo Local and DMOZ. These directories are places where customers who conduct local searches can find local businesses, charities, and other local organizations. Many of these directories allow businesses to submit an information page with a web address, which is usually part of the directory itself. These pages are usually called local citations, and if you have submitted your website to more than one directory, you should submit your information page to all of them.

Finally, some SEO experts advocate taking advantage of social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube for local SEO purposes. Social media gives businesses an opportunity to interact with their customers and also to find information about new customers and opportunities. In order to attract new customers, however, local SEO strategies must be combined with traditional SEO techniques to generate a consistent flow of traffic. In short, a business cannot use just one strategy effectively. A balanced approach is the best way to increase your business’s ranking and get more local customers to your door.

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