How to Make Money With Your Blog in 2022?

Everyone wants to earn money from their blog because every people work hard on the blog. When you start a blog, you will hear about “Earn money from a blog” is very easy but it’s not true.

It’s actually hard to grow your blog. A blog is a place where anyone can share their information or knowledge. You can earn with any type of valuable blog. Whether it’s an Education blog, entertainment blog or business blog.

The monetization method is different sometimes for some blog categories. If you follow the correct path then you can earn enough money monthly. But remember, choosing the shortcut money method is not always good.

Methods of Money Making Blog in 2022

How to Make Money With Your Blog in 2021
Make Money with Blog


You can use ads on your website. This is the most popular method to earn money through your blog. If your blog has enough traffic then you can use this, sometimes advertisers come directly to you and ask to place ads on your site. But mostly you need to approve your blog on an advertiser platform.

You can use Google Adsense,, Propeller Ads (According to me you should use Google Adsense). Before applying on these platforms you should follow its policy. You should follow its policy. If you don’t follow its policy then it never approves your blog.

Guest Posting

It is the best method, you can earn money with one guest post on your blog, But it depends on your blog traffic, D.A., P.A. Money depend on it. Mainly guest post help to increase backlinks and some traffic on the website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the best ways to monetize your content. It is also famous if you want to monetize your social media’s. When you sell a product through your link then the product owner gives you the commission of the product.

You can write any product review which is related to your blog niche or you can solve any issue or give a solution in the form of the product. Ex- If I write about, how to start blogging then I attach it to the affiliate link of hosting. You can also add an Affiliate product banner to your website.

Many affiliate marketing network available on market like amazon associates, Clickbank, Jvzoo, or any product referral. But remember, always add an affiliate link that is related to your blog.

Sell Digital Products

You can also sell a digital product on your blog. Like these items online course, ebooks, images, videos, apps, themes, plugins. But always remember, sell only those product which is related to your topic. Otherwise, you will lose your reputation and didn’t get any sales.

You can also Resell the hosting, you just need to buy reseller hosting and start your reseller hosting business. Setup your website with a Phox theme or any hosting business theme or connect it with your whmcs account and starting your reseller hosting business.

Sell Membership

It works if your blog is most popular. You can sell membership of your blog. Give more valuable content to your membership reader or you can also add some special things for your members like a personal message, QNA, Brand Products.

You can generate leads on your blog for the future. Capture emails and give some valuable things in exchange for their emails.

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