Top 7 Methods of Free Affiliate Marketing

As I described in previous post Affiliate Marketing is an online marketing business that can’t end. It is a very huge industry. After choosing the best affiliate programs and products. You need some methods to promote your affiliate products.

You can promote your product with different methods paid or free. All can not manage paid ads then now I share free Affiliate Marketing methods.

Free Affiliate Marketing Methods

Affiliate Marketing Free Methods
Free Affiliate Marketing Methods


Blog is a place where you can share any information. It is the best and organic method. You can write an article about any affiliate product and given your affiliate link when readers find your blog online and interest in your post then those can buy products from your link. This is not easy work. You should write an informational post. All about those products (Benefit or loss). Otherwise, you can make a whole amazon affiliate site like this

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Youtube Channel

Youtube is the best place for video marketing. You can make your youtube channel and share information about products. Video marketing is growing every day because people want to watch videos compared to reading an article.

You can choose a topic and make videos. Also, Include a small product line in the video of products. Otherwise, you can make a review video of products because when people want to buy anything then those first check their reviews and information. Live example- you can check any product review on youtube. Important- Always give your affiliate link in your description.


Quora is a question-answer platform where anyone can share answers and asks any question, You can take benefit from this. Find your product related topic and question. Give answers to related questions with information and add your link in answers. Quora has a very strict policy, Read carefully its policy. Before posting add some valuable information in the answer.


Reddit is the best platform if you have information or any unique post. It is a social media platform that is mainly used by the USA audience. You can use this for targeting the audience.

First, you need to join their subreddits/groups then you can post on it. Always post on your topic subreddit. every subreddits has its own policies. Before posting read their policies. share the informational posts, photos, videos, and give links with it.


Facebook has a large audience network because everyone has their FB account. You can use Facebook groups, pages, accounts. You can make your name as a brand and influence affiliate products.

Make a group and invite more people to join your group share information every day and after some time, you can share information with your link, otherwise, join your group niche groups, and post valuable information with links. When people like your post and product then those check your products and click on the link.

A page is also a great option. Make a particular product niche page. Share a post everyday. Increase your page likes and followers. After increasing followers post information with links.


Instagram is a social media platform that has many influencers. You can use Instagram by a made influencers or make a particular niche account. You can make your product-related account and post every day or increase your followers, reach.

After gaining followers you can post your products and gives a link in your bio. Whenever you post add a line in the description ‘Check in my bio link’. Instagram is the best free method of promoting any affiliate products.


Pinterest is one more photo share social media platform. It mostly used by women, according to the report. You can target if your product audience is women. You can share photos on this and give your links above it. when people take interest in your photo then those click on your link and read full information.

Many social media can help you to do affiliate marketing┬ábut you should give focus only 3-4 social media platforms. You can’t focus on this if you use more than 4 social media platforms.

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